Care about your safety

Our experienced and knowledgeable staffs take pride in their work
and will do their utmost to make you feel comfortable and cared for.


Eyebrow $8.00

Legs ( Whole Legs ) $60.00

Lip $5.00

Legs ( Legs From Knees ) $35.00

Chin $8.00 & Up

Back $60.00

Full Face $30.00

Finger and Toes $10.00

Under arm $30.00

Bikini Wax $40.00

Whole Arm $40.00

Brazilian Wax $50.00


New Set

Acrylic Nail $26.00 & Up

Pink & White (Solar) $45.00

White Tip American (Acrylic Powder) $30.00

Liquid Gel $40.00

Powder Gel $30.00

Silk Wrap $40.00

Pink & White Gel $50.00

Spa Pedicure

Spa Pedicure $25.00

(Nail Trim, Shapping, Cuticle Grooming Callus Treatment, Hot Stone and Polish )

Deluxe Pedicure $30.00

(Nail Trim, Shapping, Cuticle Grooming Callus Treatment, Hot Stone, Sea Salt Moisturing Mask, Hot Towel and Polish)

Super Deluxe Spa Pedicure $35.00 & Up

(Hot Stone and Paraffin)

(Nail Trim, Shaping, Cuticle Grooming, Callus Treatment, Sea Salt Scrub, Moisturing Mask, Hot Towel, Hot Stone Massage, Lotion Massage, Paraffin Treatment and Polish)

Full in

Pink & White (Solar) $35.00

Solar Pink only $25.00

Liquid Gel $30.00

Powder Gel $20.00

Pink & White Gel $40.00

Pink only $30.00

Natural Nail Care For Men & Women

Basic Manicure $14.00

(Nail Trim, Shapping, Cuticle Grooming,Lotion Massage, Hot Towel & Polish)

Spa Manicure $17.00

(Nail Trim, Shapping, Cuticle Grooming, Cooling Gel, Hot towel, Lotion Massage and Polish)

Deluxe Manicure $20.00

(Nail Trim, Shapping,Cuticle Grooming, Cooling Gel, Hot towel, Paraffin Wax, Lotion Massage & Polish)

Color Gel Nails

CND Shellac Gel $25.00

CND Shellac Gel $30.00

French Manicure

Children's Services ( Under 9 Year of Age )

Polish Change and Design $6.00

French Nail Polish $6.00

Manicure and Design $12.00

Pedicure and Design $21.00

Manicure and Pedicure $32.00


Extra Feet Hand

Color Polish Change $8.00 $6.00

French / American $15.00 $8.00

Polish Change

French / American $5.00 $5.00


Paraffin War $7.00 $5.00


Acrylic Take Off

Cut Down

Top Coat Gel


Acrylic/Solar/Gel/Silk $4.00 /Nail